Pills, Ills and Bellyaches


If I rattle when I walk next time you see me, it could be all the pills I’m taking which have reserved a whole shelf space in my fridge currently. After the plethora of tests performed by this new Doctor, it turns out my health is a little more complicated than just slapping the title ‘Hashimoto’s’ on it and giving me one pill to take a day for the rest of my life. If I wasn’t one of those women before who could bore you with details of their ‘special disease’ and why it makes them different I certainly can now, and a whole new disorder to disclose!

It seems I have an inability to digest fructose and fructans after completing a breath test where I had to fast for 18 hours, drink a cup of glucose and then blow into a bag every twenty minutes for 2.5 hours. Not sure if you have checked lately how many foods have fructose and fructans but let’s put it this way I have a very boring diet at the moment. No fruit and some vegetables, no sweet condiments like honey, NO WINE! Yes, that puts to bed my lifetime career as a wine connoisseur, and if I had any ideas of taking up cider drinking that’s out too.

It seems that not digesting fructose and fructans creates a wonderful overgrowth of ‘bad bacteria’ in the gut, hence my propensity to develop fungal nail problems on my big toe which costs me a fortune for those chemist bought fungal nail treatments. Along with bouts of candida, from all accounts I’m a walking fungus. So I’ve been set the task in the next eight weeks of eliminating all fructose and fructan foods from my diet to starve the bad bacteria along with taking anti fungal medication. First week on this diet I fear the fungus have staged a revolt and are taking every internal opportunity to make me change my mind, run to the pantry to violently rip out and consume every sugary product in there.

Good news is I wont be on all this medication forever, a lot of the pills are simply vitamins and minerals that I’m extremely low in purely because this fungal condition in my gut makes it impossible for me to absorb nutrients from my food. I’ve been researching both diets from FODMAPS which relate to the fungal overgrowth in my gut and AIP (Auto Immune Protocol) which is a specific diet for people with Hashimoto’s Disease. My social life may be curtailed for the next few weeks until I get the gist of things.


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