Chemical Cleanse


Week four of me trying to curtail the population of fungus that has set up shop in my small intestine while putting my thyroid back at its functioning best and I’m still standing, just. Week one (spew week) and week two (fainting-lethargy week), had barely finished with my attempt to cut all sugar out of my diet when last week I attempted to give up caffeine! Which is where I began a whole new week of hell, (fever week) where I regularly broke out into hot flushes and had to decide whether I was going to faint, throw up or pull my big girl pants up and breath through it.

Coincidently I came across a free online series about thyroid disease which has been extremely informative considering I’m currently working with a functional medicine doctor. The main thing I took away from the nine-part series was that treating hashimoto’s is a holistic approach and my lifestyle changes expand far beyond just diet. The great explanation that stuck with me is that the thyroid gland is like a hoarder and actively grabs anything circulating in the body that doesn’t have a right to be there. Heavy metals, dangerous chemicals, artificial additives etc. etc. Which in turn pisses the immune system off and makes it go after and attack the thyroid gland more.

So I’m in the process of adopting a ‘harsh chemical free’ lifestyle by using products around the home and on my body that aren’t going to be pulled into my thyroid gland, pissing my immune system off. I’m starting with cleaning products and general body products first because they are easier for me to tackle. I’ve come across this wonder powder called Lectric Washing Powder, which if I believe the reviews online, is a wonder product that replaces everything from basic cleaning sprays to washing powder to toilet cleaner. How it works for me will be my next round of learning lessons I guess.

I’ve thrown out all antibacterial soaps and products in the house and replaced them with simple soap at the hand basin. Changed my underarm deodorant and toothpaste and body wash to natural products, use environmentally friendly washing and dishwashing products and I have been using basic vinegar and bi-carb soda to clean around the house.

Makeup and body products are a challenge all of its own. Considering makeup and skin care products are my life I am cautiously circling this one with trepidation. During a visit to our local organic supermarket I engaged in a conversation about skin care and hashimoto’s disease with a skin care specialist in store. When I mentioned where I worked the woman proceeded to caution me about using commercial products on my skin like she was reading an apocalyptic verse from the book of revelations. Please lady, Your talking to a Broken Hill born girl, we ate lead, zinc and iron flakes for breakfast!

I don’t feel stressed about these changes, I just need some time to research what chemicals I need to stay away from and which products will work for me. This is no time to throw away my makeup, I’ll just keep researching the best ‘natural’ products that don’t create a chemical overload. Until then I’ll be having a lot of epson salt baths to detox, which is not necessarily a hard thing to take.


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