Investing in Perricone

Perricone MD has been a product of fascination for me since my initial training for my new job. Perricone MD is the brainchild of Doctor Nicholas Perricone, a United States based dermatologist and nutritionist who has a specific interest in ageing creating anti ageing products and protocols. Dr Perricone has rallied against mainstream anti ageing procedures like Botox and instead promotes anti-inflammatory diets and protocols in alignment with his skin care range to fight the effects of ageing.

Although I have been fascinated, I have been hesitant on filling my bathroom cupboard with his products due to the price tag. After working in the beauty industry for twenty-five years now I’ve seen my fair share of products and the miraculous claims they make come and go, and I have found plenty of products without a high price tag that actually work. So I forgive my scepticism for the pricey products.

I finally purchased a targeted product of Perricone MD to address sagging or ageing eyelids. I have a unique ageing situation with my right eyelid drooping faster than my left eyelid due to its misshapen size caused from a broken eye socket and cheekbone as a child. I thought this would be an ideal product to trial as the ageing of my right eyelid is quite noticeable so any improvement would be obvious.


Before Photo showing slight eyelid sagging over my right eye

The product I chose is called ‘Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum’ which is designed to ‘replenish Glutathione to the skin, dramatically improving the accelerated signs of aging along the upper eyelid area’ (Mecca Maxima). Glutathione is a master antioxidant created by the human body and held in every cell to ward off free radicals and protect cell structure. From the age of twenty we lose glutathione by 10-15% each decade depending on lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors. So at my age (40 something) with a possible loss of up to 30% of glutathione is obviously starting to show in sagging skin.


Containing other hero products like pantethin, a biologically active form of vitamin B5, anti inflammatory oat kernel extract, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate for collagen repair and Acetyl Tyrosine which is an amino acid that rebuilds cells. Also notably the ingredient DMAE (dimethyl MEA) a feature anti-inflammatory ingredient of most of Perricone’s products working as a simple amino acid enhancing water retention in connective tissue and works as a protective ingredient for skin cells.


After Photo taken just short of a 4 week period of use.

The after photo was taken at 4 weeks of use. I noticed a quick transition and tightening of the skin within this period, with the results being maintained over the time I have been using this product since. The product is housed in a black bottle to protect the ingredients from light and during research I have discovered that it is kept in a closed circuit pump bottle to keep it from oxidizing.

However, if I have one criticism it would be the pump on the bottle. It seems to stick from time to time, and then when exerting more pressure; the product explodes out rather than delivering a measured amount of serum. Not great when your trying to conserve every precise morsel of this wonder product.


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