Creative Challenges

I distinctly remember life advice 101 that you should do something every now and then that scares you. It must have been what I was thinking of at the beginning of this year when I made my new year’s resolutions for 2017. Not that painting a body or face seems terrifying. However, this time last week I was wondering what possessed me to enter into the Australian Body Art Festival with seasoned professionals without any prior involvement in the event or knowledge of whom I was competing with.


A few years ago I saw the Australian Body Art Festival advertised and thought what a great thing to get involved with and I subconsciously made it a bucket list item for myself. After finishing my Diploma in Specialist Makeup last year I wanted to ensure that I maintained a level of involvement in industry based activities that would challenge me and keep my skills up to date. It just so happened body art is one of my all time favourite forms of makeup expression.


Ignorance is bliss, Knowledge of how amasing all the artists are and what I was bringing to the table as a first time competitor would in hindsight have been a psychological deterrent. I am proud to say however this was one of those great choices I have made in my life and I am so glad I competed last Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of April. I was able to meet some amasing artists and models and be involved in a real community event that bridges all levels of society through artistic expression and an appreciation for the human form.


After the wash up, I think I did alright. The theme for the event was ‘Wonderland’ and I created my body and face art within the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ content without much diversion from this traditional interpretation. At the end of the day I can proudly say that I have fulfilled one of my new year’s resolutions, made some new friends and enjoyed the experience immensely.

Featured Image Photographer;James Niland.
Model – Miriam Tschirrum17861536_10154854559978113_8219699088436211073_n


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