Adrenal Fatigue

One thing I have struggled with this year is energy and adrenal fatigue! When I took the decision to work under the instructions of a functional medicine GP at the beginning of this year I was under the impression that he would change my diet (which he did), give me some new medication and supplements (which he did) and I will be back to my high functioning energetic self.


So self assured was I that I had a whole new PT training program designed for me. I figured as I felt better I would increase my proficiency in the gym and ultimately enter the Oxygen Magazine comp in around August of this year. Best laid plans and all that, right?


Fast forward five months, after a crazy three-month restrictive diet with zero carbs, no sugar and no caffeine. I’ve been religiously taking my massive amount of supplements daily, and reducing my exposure to toxic chemicals. Throwing out all household cleaning products, using basically vinegar and bi-carb soda, and scouring every single personal hygiene and cosmetic product I come into contact with. After all my efforts there is one thing I still struggle with, the affect of adrenal fatigue.


When taking a bikini photo earlier this year and blogging about my health journey I was hoping by May I would be well on my way to sculpting a six pack. After all I have been such a gym junkie for the last six to seven years automatically waking at 4.30am gym hyped. After removing all stimulants from my diet I felt like I had been hit by a truck constantly, lucky to wake at 6am, and the last thing I want to do is go to the gym.


I feel like Its one step forward, ten steps back at the moment. So to compensate I have turned back to coffee, but what’s worse now it doesn’t seem to have the same affect or pick me up as it had prior to undertaking this new protocol. Worse still the thought of going back to the gym and flogging my body stupid has become so unappealing I can’t even walk through the gym doors.


After researching online this morning and flicking through multiple YouTube videos about healing adrenal fatigue I am committing to cut the coffee, again! I feel like I need to explore some new ‘gentle’ exercise options as every article and video I come across advises against flogging yourself in the gym when you have adrenal fatigue. Reduce stress (insert laugh here), avoid stimulants and look for some exercise that incorporates meditative concepts. I feel my gym membership may morph into a yoga studio membership very soon.


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