Reasons to be Frank

One product I have been pleasantly surprised with at work is Frank Body. Traditionally known as a body product, this little Australian quiet achiever started out online with a coffee scrub that grew into a cult product. Now venturing into a skin care line, Frank Body is an amasing little company that ticks so many boxes for me.

√ Natural products – As you may have guessed my main concern these days with products are making sure they have no hormone disrupting ingredients. I bought the skin care range for my youngest daughter at Christmas, and after reading the ingredients list on the side of the bottles I was pleasantly surprised to see all natural botanical ingredients. While the company doesn’t make the ‘organic’ claim, which is fine by me considering it means diddly squat (see Organic Mistruths and Other Lies) it still contains a pretty impressive, non hormone disrupting recipe.

√ Australian Brand – This is the brain child of two young Australian entrepreneurial couples. With talents in marketing and access to coffee grinds, this very smart entrepreneurial group have created a high quality product made with botanicals and produced in Melbourne.

√ Great price – The price is one of the most impressive aspects considering its such a quality local product. With the skin care range most expensive product priced around $22 AUD you could afford to buy the whole range comfortably without breaking the bank.

√ Gentle for all skin types – Recommended for all skin types this product seemed to be an ideal present for my youngest daughter who needed a range that would be gentle enough to clean, exfoliate and moisturise her skin without stripping it. As she uses my bathroom and has left her products on more than one occasion, I had a sneaky trial more than once. I found the formulas gentle but affective and I find the cleanser can remove all of my makeup including around my eyes.

√ Vegan – More frequently I find consumers are seeking vegan products, ensuring zero animal testing and no animal by-products have been used in its creation. It nice to be able to use Frank and feel assured that it is an ethically sound choice.

While the body products will always be a staple for me, I have now added Frank Body Skin Care to my collection of products that I can use. I highly recommend the Frank Body skin care range, give it a go for yourself and see if it ticks all of your boxes!




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