Natural, Natural or Natural

Speaking to a friend via messenger the other day she was asking me to recommend a ‘natural’ foundation. During the course of the conversation I realised when discussing ‘natural’ foundation, as happens a lot when talking to customers, the understanding of the word natural can be different.

When consulting with clients one of the questions I ask is ‘what type of finish do you want: dewy, natural or matte?’ this speaks to the look of the foundation as it appears on the skin after being applied:

Dewy – meaning a wet look (luminous skin)

Natural – meaning not wet, but not powdered dry either (can give a semi-matte appearance)

Matte – Powdered dry look

So of course when someone says to me, recommend me a ‘natural’ makeup, I am thinking about the finish of the foundation.

Most people however mean ‘I want it to look natural’, i.e. like natural skin, not caked on! This speaks more to the application of a product. Any foundation can appear un-natural if it hasn’t been blended well, or applied too heavily.

The third meaning I get a lot at work is ‘natural foundation’, meaning the ingredients need to be sourced from natural components. Usually this request also entails a requirement for the product to be vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

So in the future I will be sure to clarify up front, ‘do you mean:’

1.The natural finish of the foundation?

2. You want the makeup to look natural and as much like skin as possible?, or

3. You want the ingredients to be sourced naturally?


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